Service Apartments in Bangalore


Call it what you will – whether its extended stay accommodation, guest house, corporate accommodation, apartments for short term stay – serviced apartments and furnished apartments perfectly suit business travelers, group of friends as well as solo, holiday visitors and medical visitors.

Serviced apartments is the ideal way to stay. In Bangalore, they are certainly a big draw for visitors who have designs on the city’s attractions, in particular those who have plans for an extended stay.

The serviced apartment sector has put new energy into the hospitality segment. Serviced apartments can be made with a much simpler design plan — because they need not be as elaborate or complex as hotels can become.

Also, you can convert an existing apartment building or a large home into serviced apartment units very easily. This makes the sector open to all kinds of possibilities. You can start a unit almost anywhere and commence business.

Making it easily possible to establish and operate a serviced apartment in a prime location for an individual entrepreneur who has access to land or a home. This can become the starting point for a business, and it does not entail all the fuss and bother a hotel would involve in both detail and regulatory issues.

Looking at all these aspects D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments has a well-thought-out, ideally located and perfectly packaged proposal. Serviced apartments have become the hospitality option of choice for travelers visiting the top destinations across the world.

High-quality hotels are all located in certain areas in Bangalore city. The best hotels tend to be in a predictable stretch of the cityscape and do not provide properties dispersed across the new developments in Bangalore. There is a gap currently of established property chains that populate only the high street and locations near the airport or on the route to it.

Serviced apartments have an excellent presence in all these areas that have no hotel presence and offer a legitimate alternative — with a wide variety of options to suit different requirements.

Service Apartments are available across Bangalore in several spots and in an optimal price range. Even as you choose your serviced apartment there are certain features that you must look for, that will ensure that your stay is comfortable, and you remain unruffled at all times.

Key elements to look for in your serviced apartment

Proximity to key addresses (locations)

Picking an address that is central, has good access and is well-appointed — in terms of public utilities, will serve you well.

D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments is located in the verdant and orderly neighborhood of Koramangala that is within 5 - 10 minutes of all the key spots in Bangalore for business, shopping, and nightlife. Koramangala is well connected via main thoroughfares to MG Road. You can easily hire a cab or auto. It is also within 15 minutes from Indiranagar which is a prime location for shopping and business. The Metro connects Indiranagar to MG Road, which is another option that can be exercised.

Research your location before you finalize to a serviced apartment to stay. This will impact you especially if you have booked for a long stay and you are unable to pull out of a deal. If it’s too good to be true, it’s not true. Images can present a misleading picture. Assure yourself by digging up data and making sure that you have studied enough reviews before making a decision.

There are basic decisions to be made regarding location according to your priorities. Proximity to the business district or main office areas in Bangalore is a consideration, distance from the airport (at least a 90-minute drive) is another. Shopping, nightlife, and restaurants are also things that are prudent to consider.

D’ Habitat Service Apartments is in the best position quite literally to meet all these needs and considerations.

Service in a serviced apartment is a lot more personalized

Serviced apartments generally throw in gift packs or welcome bags to give their customers a start in their pursuits for the day. These include the beverages and various utilitarian items that can be used to get going in a new city.

The welcome pack or themed kits also help the customer keep costs down with items like dental kits and other personal care products that mean you don’t waste time or money hunting for these things which may have escaped your attention while packing.

This little packet of goodies whatever shape it takes does matter, especially If its part of the package, it makes the deal a whole lot sweeter.

If this is not part of a given deal, you can certainly negotiate with the management of an establishment to include it in whatever form. This will allow you to travel lighter and avoid getting tied up with stuff that hurts productivity.

Networking with service providers

The serviced apartment with properly managed connections and affiliations with local service providers to manage your needs for travel and leisure will always be a better choice.

D’ Habitat Service Apartments connects you to car rentals and provides help to find tour guides. All these needs via the apartment management and you won’t have to leave the property to get started.

In-room amenities

With breakfast being part of the package, the most bothersome part of the cooking scenario is taken care of. In-room amenities like a living room and dining table make it possible to hold meetings with business associates or meet friends and relatives.

A chef service is part of the in-house services and is a handy arrangement for impromptu gatherings. A busy guest on a working visit to Bangalore will certainly appreciate D’ Habitat’s laundry and dry-cleaning service.


  • 100% power backup
  • Non-smoking rooms available
  • Taxi service
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Hair dryer
  • Clock radio
  • Elegantly appointed rooms & suites with all amenities
  • WI FI connectivity for instant Internet access
  • Full-service Kitchen
  • Cable TV equipped
  • Complimentary breakfast for all our guests
  • Housekeeping, Laundry & dry-cleaning service
  • Car Hire
  • Chef service
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fax service
  • Safe deposit box
  • 24-hour generator backup
  • Complimentary newspaper service


In addition to providing great flexibility serviced apartments typically offer almost double the space that hotel rooms will offer. Families find this a major draw, In a serviced apartment families can stay together in the same large accommodation with plenty of room for kids.


At 25% - 50% lower tariff Serviced apartments offer excellent value for money in comparison to hotel rooms. With additional benefits of free Wi Fi and free breakfasts.