Booking Directly with Service Apartments in Bangalore

How You Benefit from Booking Directly with Service Apartments in Bangalore

Where 'priceline' is the bottom line and service apartments in Bangalore are plumbing the bottom of the barrel to meet online travel bookings, you will benefit greatly by dealing directly with the property’s website and get yourself a respectable deal that is customized to your specific requirements.

Online is the easiest way of finding a deal but nothing beats a face-to-face with the hotel management and a good look at the facilities offered to satisfy your curiosity.

If you are a frequent traveler to Bangalore city or would prefer to use a particular property that suits you, negotiating your own deal with the property through its site is a surefire way of keeping your stay hassle free and without the annoying impracticalities of some online deals which resemble a speed dating outing rather than a business or leisure deal.

Experience the Hospitality of the Property Management

Bring yourself to abandon the modern convention whenever it is possible and open up some new possibilities and the chances of an exclusive stay package by opening lines of communication with the property management and experience the hospitality of the property management.

When you begin to plot your next voyage to new, touristy or foreign places, whom do you call?

The tendency with travel planning now is to consult online or simply ask Google for the cheapest prices. This is the fastest way to the bottom of the price ladder. It is also choosing the lowest common denominator of all the factors available or salient to a travel decision.

Keeping a hotel decision practical requires you to make radical choices too. No harm will be done to your chances of a good deal by approaching the accommodation directly.

Elevating the way you Deal with Your Serviced Apartment

You can also employ that most old-fashioned of technique — a phone call to the front desk of a hotel. Marching up to the front desk of a hotel is an entirely workable solution to the eternal fear that online room pictures of the hotel are too good to be true especially when looked at the background of unbelievable prices. This of course has some obvious limitations in that you have to be in the right place at the right time assuming you have time.

Serviced apartments in Bangalore are always willing to give you a better deal in person that involves the property offering something in kind instead of being squeezed on margins which is the case online invariably.

Prime Advantages to Booking Service Apartments Direct

There is a cost benefit

Cost was a big factor before and it remains an issue while making a decision on how to plan a trip and who you will approach to manage it for you.

Published rates at hotels were always ridiculously higher than those available at travel agencies especially if you just chose to 'walk in' and book a room. It was so much higher to the point of being totally ridiculous. It was bad enough, in fact, that it was entirely in your interest to involve a third party or agency to get the best deal.

You could as a customer actually sit down in the lobby of a hotel and use their wi-fi to find yourself deals which were at a point up to 30% cheaper than the heart stopping tariff card placed at the reception.

This situation is changing rapidly as property managements and ownerships are finding out, to their cost or benefit as the case may be, that they can definitely make more money if they can make a prospective guest make transactions through their website by offering deals that made sense and emboldens more customers to use the site.

Their prices are now equal to or cheaper than travel agencies. Service apartment websites also offer additional discounts if you register on their sites. Additionally, service apartment websites offer customizations that are not available at the agencies — depending on the unique nature or design of the hotel itself.

You as a customer now definitely stand to get yourself a much better bargain by signing into the hotel’s website and booking the room

When You Book Direct Customization Options Open Up

Service apartments website offers the advantage of allowing the customer to customize your stay and the hotel website usually reserves to itself the ability to deal with and comply with special requests.

Travel agencies being “vendors” are unable to service such requests. These special requests will be met with when you contact the service apartments directly. They may have an in-built facility that enables them to meet your requirements or they may be able to meet your requirements given some notice or your unique situation.

Access to the ‘executive floor’ or ‘executive lounge’ is one such facility that the service apartments is able to help you with. Through such access the hotel can make the deal more attractive to you because your business is attractive and if for example you are a large party of people occupying multiple rooms and generating extra revenue encouraging them to go the extra mile.

Access to the all the niches and most attractive spaces in the property are usually open only at the hotel’s discretion and will require you to make a proposition that opens those doors.

Certain facilities are also open only for particular situations and specific guests — when you make a direct approach those are made available to you.

Booking Direct Offers Far More Flexibility

An immediate advantage of dealing directly with the service apartments is that the property management takes up some ownership of your travel plans since you have confided in them. This makes them far more amenable to change in the planned itinerary and generally hotels allow you to change bookings upto a day before the visit is scheduled to begin without penalties being levied.

Travel agencies and websites tend to be more impersonal just because that is the nature of the way that business model operates. Since online travel agents negotiate lowest price with properties, which is the goal of the guests too, are therefore less able to handle flexibly any changes in travel plans.