Service Apartments in Bangalore

Presenting the Best of Bangalore

Bangalore figures among the big top of metros — a marquee city.

An attractive destination to visit - Bangalore, with all its attractions will defy a short foray and a long and relaxed visit is the way to go.

This is also an intense and busy metro. So, there are a few things to take note of as you plan the trip. Here are a few things that should make your checklist for a Bangalore visit:

An item, any item, that you’ve seen it anywhere around the world or at a duty-free shop and you want it now — you are certain to find it in Bangalore.

Have you been to a wall-climbing place at an arcade or gym? You’ll find a full-fledged gym catering to professional athletes in a groovy nook of Bangalore, with hardware that will test the best of them. Ever been to a chic restaurant in a touristy location. You’ll find something similar, the franchise or even a branch of the self-same joint recreated in scrupulous detail with a menu to match.

Silicon Valley’s best-known names, all the tech majors: Google, Microsoft, Dell, they all have a stake in Bangalore. In short, Bangalore is also the job hub of the country. The IT revolution brought millions to the city to do the coding and it also brought millions more to get stuff done for all these people here to work in the first place.

Bangalore residents are serviced by every logistic and home service start-up that caters to every errand that you can dream up.

Bangalore has attitude, culture and lots of traffic of course — with all this it’s still chic and hip. The city is the gift box that keeps on giving. The city is never still. It is constantly evolving. From its early image of the ‘Garden City’ to the current status of the most happening place in this part of the world.

Your Checklist for a Great Trip to Bangalore

Pack light but carry a big bag.

Packing light is always advised. But the point may be moot considering the amount of shopping you may end up doing. This applies to those in particular to those who planned a trip with leisure in mind. But there will be plenty of opportunities for those travelling for work too.

The goodies are all around you. There are shopping and entertainment destinations all within a square kilometer of all the most important residential and commercial spaces in Bangalore. Take MG Road - Bangalore’s high street - and its lush environs representing all that is good about what could be described as the “Colonial quarter”.

Then there is Koramangala — a leafy residential area with broad avenues and restaurants, amenities and shopping at near about every crossing.

Indiranagar is another shopping destination with the best of shopping and the newest arrivals in themed restaurants and branded shopping accessible across the vast neighborhood.

These are the better-known localities but there are other places of interest in Jayanagar and its surroundings too.

Wear Your Game Face — There Will be Traffic

A visit to Bangalore will always be easier for you if you are ready to come to terms with the traffic. There will be traffic and lots of it. Weekends will be better.

Get yourself ready to face delays rooted in traffic issues around town. If you give yourself time — leave early and make your appointments on time, things will run smoothly.

If its leisure and more casual pursuits like shopping or restaurant hopping, you do still need to plan.

Traffic delays can leave you huffing and puffing at traffic signals. Potentially you could lose half your day in the commute if you are not careful. Planning and arriving just before malls and large department stores open is a useful way of saving your time and being at the business end of the city in good time and always staying in high spirits.

Find a nice place in the right spot.

A good start begins with a proper night’s sleep in a comforting spot. There is a bunch of choices. Hotels are an option but tend to be expensive and when affordable more often than not are run down.

The stand out option in Bangalore are serviced apartments. This sector is highly developed in the city and offers a spectrum of choices.

Exploring the choices one of the better selections is D’Habitat Serviced Apartments. Rooms are priced from Rs 2,500 to 6,000 with every imaginable amenity built into the package. Also included is breakfast.

The location in Koramangala is pretty much the sweet spot as far as Bangalore is concerned. Just a short walk away from an arterial road and only 20 minutes away from MG Road and Indiranagar.

The well-known hotels are in and around MG Road and the approaches to the airport. These are extremely expensive and those on the highways leading to the airport are too far from the center of the city.

Allow for a two-hour ride to the airport. Bangalore airport is a good two-hours from the center of the city. So be prepared to spend a few trying hours in both directions in mushy traffic. Even late-night rides to the airport when there is virtually no traffic will take an hour of steady driving.

All of Bangalore’s attractions are a distance from the airport, so a long ride is a certainty. An entire day will be tied up on the trip to and from the airport. Prepare and make sure that cabs are booked in advance. If you are taking the bus get familiar with the routes and buses take much longer.

Prioritize & List Out Places You Want to Visit

A list of places you need to be or want to explore will sort out the travel decisions that have to be made: Cab, rental, self-drive, public transport. Self-drive rentals are all the rage in Bangalore and everything from electric scooters to large SUVs are parked in lots across Koramangala awaiting custom.

So, there is nothing that is not available in Bangalore for an International traveler, even on a budget. Global cuisine, quality accommodation, excellent transportation and shopping. All this in a city that offers culture, unique traditions and great sight-seeing.

Have a wonderful trip to Bangalore.