Service Apartments in Bangalore

Here’s why Business Travelers Choose Service Apartments

The definition of service apartments varies from place-to-place. One common denominator is fully furnished apartments suitable for both short-term and for extended occupancy, providing many hotel-like service and amenities.

On a long assignment away from the usual address, Serviced apartments offer you the best experience and options to make the best of your ‘out-of-home’ experience.

Serviced apartments also give you the perfect way to visit a beautiful, interesting city just for leisure and entirely at leisure. You get to visit all the places of interest and you don’t have to rush through anything. Just go back to your beautifully serviced apartment and chill. You have all the time in the world to relax and sit out the afternoon and get back into the thick of things in the evening when the nightlife is beginning to stir.

In a place like Bangalore, you have both the options. The city is heavily tilted towards nightlife with an explosion in the numbers of people with disposable incomes. You visit the daytime spots and get to rest and consider the day at a superbly equipped residence like D’ Habitat serviced apartments without a feeling of being restive or in a hurry to achieve anything at an indiscriminate pace.

D’Habitat being placed so ideally in Koramangala lets you access all the goodness of Bangalore in a manner that leaves you well disposed to anything that you may encounter.

On a purely work assignment, the possibilities for leisure remain open — either in the evening or over the weekend. Either way when you are properly rested and not harried for space and amenities. You will be well disposed towards showing yourself a good time.

What makes the stay more palatable and allows you to function properly is the way you adapt to your new surroundings. To make things work in a serviced apartment you need to be mindful of certain aspects of your stay which will certainly make things more comfortable and allow you to envisage a long stay without hesitation and get on with your work with confidence and enthusiasm.

All these become possible if you consider some good and veteran counsel on how to manage long stays in serviced apartments.

Five tips to enjoy long stays in serviced apartments

Pack light

Though the temptation will be to carry more — which would seem natural for a long trip. The whole experience will be made easier on you when you go easy on the packing and over preparation. Pack as light as you dare.

Remember this place will feel like a second home, its equipped as well as the best of hotels. There will be a fully functional and ‘automated’ kitchen which will include the star of all appliances — a washing machine.

There is help of all kinds available on call and ironing clothes will be the least of your lives. Even as it compares well with home, it will surely allow you a structured existence that will make work missions easier in every way.

Less stuff gives you the means to leverage all the space that comes with a serviced apartment and reduce the clutter allowing you to focus on work and leisure.

Personalize your space

If you are in your serviced apartments for a long stay, then it makes sense to make your space familiar and personal.

Making your residence something that reminds you of home — with a photo or knick-knacks that are generally left around workstation or bed spaces at home will give you a connection to home. Make your space, your own. This is possible in a serviced apartment, where the approach to a living space is one that is taken while designing homes. Including some hobby work or board games are a few ways that this can be achieved.


Know your space. Give yourself time to examine the whole facility thoroughly. Know it inside out if time permits.

A close examination of the environs in which you plan to live for a long time will provide an excellent visualization of how you can spend your time at the building.

More than once you are going to find out that the apartment structure has interesting amenities that you hadn’t realized where there or may have escaped mention. You can now use the facility to its fullest capacity. This just makes you more at home.

More often than not in an extremely large, luxurious and well-appointed structure, you are likely to find a vantage spot that no one noticed and you can make that a place of rest and repose. Now you can truly relax in the facility, knowing that you are aware of its every nook and cranny and what makes it tick.

Live Like a Local

Scout the possibilities through the eyes of a local. Find out how they arrange their day, the places they visit, the places that are preferred to have a snack. Places that top the list for lunch and dinner. Exploring the rationale behind these options will offer a refreshing change from routine and give you a new outlook on the conduct of the daily routine.

The local bakery or breakfast joint — which is likely a bakery or coffee shop that throws in a rich, strong brew with a strong complement of bread or morning favorites will provide the zing for the rest of the day.

This is also the best way to find out about street food and other local attractions that may not feature in regular roundups of interesting spots.


In a new place where the usual restrictions, placed by home and family keep your diet well managed, will be observed in exception.

Here it is important to pay more attention to your fitness. Get yourself acquainted with the fitness facilities in your vicinity and in the apartment complex.

The new location may be an ideal spot for a restful walk or invigorating jog before you start the day. A new locale is also the perfect excuse to explore on foot and hit two birds with one well-aimed stone. The in-house gym may not be the only option. There will be several activities in your locality that will be interesting and contribute to your fitness regimen.

Home truths

Getting the best out of an extended stay on work or just for the heck of it is a factor of knowing your locality and the apartment complex you are staying in. Staying active, explore everything — the building, the neighborhood, restaurants, nightlife. Get acquainted with the way things are done and make every day in the serviced apartments t count as something that makes a difference.