Advantages of Service Apartments in Bangalore

Anthony Dayal

A service apartment in Bangalore makes perfect sense for couples for a day or longer, Studio, I BHK or 2 BHK apartments for stays of any length.

Taking up a serviced apartment when you visit Bangalore is a good idea.

Who would choose to stay in a serviced apartment in a place like Bangalore with flats, apartments, condos, super condos — whatever you want to call them, lining the highways and main avenues as far as the eye can see. There are apartments to choose from, for rent and purchase all the way from the plush, pricey neighborhood of CBD and Indiranagar, Koramangala to newer development along long stretches of Sarjapur Road.

If you are ready to commute, Koramangala and  Sarjapur Road, offers an amazing variety of choices of fully fitted apartments, with gyms, swimming pools, cricket pitches. But on a busy day, the commute will test you with a mind-numbing 70 - 90-minute travel time.

The answer is the amenities. When in a Serviced Apartmentyou are in a place that is furnished in the most pleasing way. But that’s just half the story.There is also the matter of D’Habitats prime location in Koramangala. That is a load of your chest. Now you can afford to take a cab to work and prime for the business at hand as you make your way to the office.

Then there are all the things that you take for granted and absolutely need in your own apartment, but you get these facilities free and as part of the package. You do not need to subscribe, install or pay bills. Just throw a switch.

Rounding off is breakfast which comes with the room —that at times is a luxury even in your own home

At this point, the numbers begin to add up and all the advantages of living in what would have been considered Bohemian circumstances begin to make perfect sense.

For people living alone or small families such an arrangement seems appropriate and entirely workable considering these factors.


Some of the standard facilities at D'Habitat Service Apartments in Bangalore are :

v  Complimentary breakfast                                        v  Air Conditioning

v  Flat-screen TV                                                            v  DTH Satellite Channels

v  Ensuite bathrooms                                                   v  Free Hi-speed WiFi

v  Landline Telephone                                                  v  Safety Deposit Box

v  Writing Desk                                                              v  IroningFacilities

v  Seating Area                                                              v  Wardrobe/ Closet

v  Clothes rack                                                              v  Hairdryer

v  Free toiletries                                                           v  Electric kettle


 FAQ’s - We list below answers to clarifications to queries that arise frequently.

1.  What are the room types available in serviced apartments in Bangalore?

Service apartments in Bangalore offer studio apartments, 1BHK and 2BHK apartments. 

2.  Can we find service apartments with kitchen in Bangalore?

 Certainly. Service apartments of every type have fully equipped kitchen for your use.

3.  Are there service apartments for unmarried couples available in Bangalore?

 Service apartments are rented out to friends, couples, families and business executives. Soservice apartments for unmarried couples are available in Bangalore.

4.  Can we book service apartments for a day in Bangalore?

You certainly can book serviced apartments in Bangalore for a day.

5.  Can we book a service apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore?

Definitely yes. You can easily book service apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore for any period from one night to several months.

6.   What are the amenities available in serviced apartments in Bangalore?

     Generally, the following amenities are availablein serviced apartments:

v  Air Conditioning                                                   v  Flat-screen TV

v  Complimentary breakfast                                  v  DTH Satellite Channels

v  Ensuite bathrooms                                             v  Free Hi-speed WiFi

v  Landline Telephone                                            v  Safety Deposit Box

v  Writing Desk                                                        v  IroningFacilities

v  Seating Area                                                        v  Wardrobe/ Closet

v  Clothes rack                                                        v  Hairdryer

v  Free toiletries                                                     v  Electric kettle


7.   What is the room rate/tariff range for service apartments in Bangalore?

Room rate/Tariff for serviced apartments ranges from INR: 3000+GST to INR:6000+GST in Bangalore.

8.   What kind of services can we expect from service apartments?

Serviced apartments provide cleaning service, laundry service and well trained team of service staff to serve you.

9.    Are service apartments safe & secure in Bangalore?

Most service apartment properties are secured with 24x7 security guard and CCTV surveillance.

10.  Are there house keeping services available in serviced apartments?

Yes. Housekeeping and Linen change -Towels & Bedsheets -services as a standard in all serviced apartments. 


So what are the reasons people choose service apartments in Bangalore.

1. Convenience, given Bangalore’s traffic

People are choosing to break away from the convention of buying a home and staying in it at all costs to save money. People already rent out the apartments they own and retain as an investment and move to a place in the city where its easier to live.

So it is with service apartments for rent — people prioritise being closer to the city and all the urban paraphernalia that draws them to cities and towns in the first place.

It's all right to do things differently and choose not to spend a large chunk of your life commuting either to work or to do your shopping.


2. Being hip in Bangalore

Bangalore is India’s capital of hip. From the gardens to its malls, the amazing variety of restaurants and bars. When you throw in all the amazing attractions built in around the cantonment, it is the heart of cool.

Locations around MG Road, Cantonment and Koramangala have a special charm. It would certainly give anyone’s life a boost to be able to easily access these spots.

Service apartments provides an opportunity to live a charmed life close to the city’s finest attractions in comfort and style.


3. Work assignments made easy

For company honchos, this is an ideal set-up.

The executive needs all his available time to prepare for the mission at hand and will be grateful to have routine tasks done in his wake.

Laundry done every day, rooms cleaned up and decluttered. The assistance of a PA to run equities and make bookings.

The apartment has the feel and is designed to provide the guest with a sense of grounding and space that he would usually only expect at home. 

The assistance of the in-house kitchen and staff to host guests for extended business meetings.

These are all time-savers and highly valued by those on a tight schedule.


4. Half-way house 

When you are in-between homes, a serviced apartment is the perfect solution to keep things together as you transition from one home to another.

A serviced apartment allows you to rent an apartment in a location that would generally be too expensive. It allows you to make an unhurried decision on where to stay.

A service apartment is much larger than a hotel room and will allow you to store most of your personal stuff that is important to you.


5. Room for the family on a Bangalore visit

A serviced apartment will allow children to let off steam in a way that they would not be able to do in a hotel where other guests in the property will certainly have something to say.

During a lull when you are not out getting acquainted with Bangalore’s hotspots the children will have more than adequate space to spread out an occupy themselves while staying out of everyone’s way.

After a long day out, the apartment will easily allow everyone to loosen up and have a slow restful dinner just like they always do at home.

And on this occasion, no one needs to bother about chores like dishes, laundry, and cleaning.