Service Apartments in Bangalore for Monthly Rent

We at D’ Habitat serviced apartments also provide service apartments in Bangalore for monthly rent, short term rentals & furnished short term rentals. Booking service apartments for the long term comes with a substantial discount and preferential service.

You can book service apartments on daily basis, weekly or monthly apartment rentals and short term studio rentals. The length of the duration of booking determines the percentage of discount, longer bookings attracts steeper discounts and monthly service apartment attracts substantial discounts.

Booking serviced apartments for short term apartment rentals works out very well for those on a R&R trip, families on holiday, entrepreneurs researching or those who are in the process of setting up business operations in the city.

Contact our reservation desk, state your long term requirement and avail of our generously discounted room rates for long term occupancy.

How do I find your monthly service apartment in Bangalore?

Simply search in Google for ‘short term rentals near me’ or ‘short term apartment rentals near me’ or ‘monthly apartment rentals near me’ and you will see D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments prominently visible, click on our link, go ahead and make your bookings.

Advantages of long term bookings are:

    • Heavily discounted tariff structure
    • Room cleaning service
    • Room service
    • Maintenance
    • Full equipped kitchen
    • Laundry service

Booking service apartments for monthly rent and long term stay in a managed property has been an old practice favored by artists, writers and business tycoons around the world. Just about everything one needs is taken care of by the property managers, you just have to pay the rent.

This kind of arrangement suits the software development professionals in today’s Bengaluru very well. One can start work early, finish as late as one likes and expect everything to be in its place twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, a perfect arrangement for those working in a virtual world of their own.

When you take up residence for the long term in a serviced apartment a pleasant environment is all important together with the quality of furnishing, décor, amenities and service. The location too is all important for an agreeable lifestyle.

So, on your next visit to Bangalore contact D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments request accommodation for the dates of your choice, sit back and relax, leave the rest to us.