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Last updated on September 05, 2022

Service Apartments are Popular Why?

Demand for Service Apartments is on the Rise!

Accelerated development of most Indian cities of the past decades have given rise to many booming business sectors serviced apartments as a business domain has benefited immensely from this growth. However, the world-wide pandemic has been a massive let-down with zero business activity for the major part of last two years.

Business activity in is picking up again in the country’s leading IT hub leading towards increased demand for service apartments, restaurants and shopping malls. Signs clearly indicate our normal life of slow moving traffic and crowded streets are restored after this long lull.

Safety Procedure in Service Apartments

Taking up residence in hotels and serviced apartments is now safe, however, property owners cannot relax and must maintain strict hygiene and precautions. Safe distance practices and regular sanitization continues to be followed. We recommend that you discuss safety precautions in the hotel or service apartment when you book your accommodation

According to hotel occupancy saw an all-time low of 23.8% 2021 as compared to the 10 year average of about 65%.

Discounted Rates

The cities welcome visitors and tourists with gusto and service apartments are offering attractive rates and incentives for service apartments ror rent again. If you are a group of 3 or 4 and your stay is for a period of 3 – 7 days then you will avail of an excellent two bedroom service apartments at bargain rates in fashionable localities in the city or a location of your choice and convenience.

2 Bedroom Service Apartments for Rent

However, service apartments offer accommodation for every budget and size such as: studio apartments, one BHK apartments as well as two bedroom apartments with luxury facilities. The value addition service apartments offer is invaluable indeed in terms of larger space, cost effectiveness discounts for long stay requirements and dedicated service.

Festivities in Bangalore

The festive season starting with Janmashtami in August, Ganesh Chaturthi in September and series of holidays in October through to Deepavali in November has revived travel and activities.

There is an air of excited expectation among the population after this long period of lockdowns and inactivity. Construction activity is trickling back with workers returning from their hometowns in droves. IT majors have announced the return of employees to work in offices and hopefully, the beginning of the end of WFH culture.

Back to School Again

Schools and colleges are functioning again to the relief of every family member as the quality of education was being affected with online classes. Life revolves around families and family life is education-centric, reopening of educational institutions means every sphere of business activity is back to normalcy.

Deepavali shopping is at its peak as most people are out shopping and involved in festive activities and this is believed to be the beginning of normalcy.

All modes of transportation are fully restored in cities. Metro service is totally operational and so is the local bus service. Autorickshaws and taxi service is as evasive as ever, again. With winter almost upon us after a long period of heavy rains this year, travelling is expected to peak in this quarter.

If you are planning to travel to a city on a holiday or work, go ahead and make plans, it is now safe here and here’s wishing you a great trip. Read on for a Perfect Getaway Inside Bangalore.

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