Service Apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore

Service Apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore to Live Life to your heart’s content

Flexibility in our every action that has financial implications, even if it is a long-term commitment, is a sign of the times that we live in and how people have adapted to deal with the current economic and social disposition.

In the hospitality business guests and the marketplace are now on the same page. The marketplace is replete with such products that meet their patrons more than halfway in their need to deal with changing mores.

Flexibility is sought even in accommodation where previously everyone insisted on a permanent arrangement — a fluid contract that allows easy exit and entry without a baggage train to carry around and worry about.

Prime Accommodation in Bangalore

D' Habitat Service Apartments in Bangalore is a prime option among service apartments located in the comforting and vibrant backdrop of Koramangala. The setup and level of care is ideal for tourists and out-of-towners, business executives and overseas travelers.

Something that will catch your attention is complimentary breakfast for all guests. That’s a major part of your daily schedule put to rest. Once you’re locked and loaded with your first and most important meal you can dive into the rest of your day.

D' Habitat Service Apartments room pictures long and exhaustive list of standard options come with the room and to make your stay into a very plush and restful one.

The amenities’ list makes it a very pressing and forceful proposition for long-term stay. Especially if you or your employees work nearby.

Where D’ Habitat Service Apartments scores is the attention to detail that make a difference to your stay. This is an address which will remain inviting and cushy every day and all-day.

The top-notch maintenance keeps the place sharp and keeps thing cozy at the same time. It is chic and appropriate to a customer who requires that the edge be taken of the daily drudge once he gets past the door.

This is an ideal bachelor pad. You can entertain and work without a hitch. All the things you need to connect, and network are already wired into your room.

D’ Habitat Service Apartments has the flexibility to accommodate “singles, couples, small groups and extended families looking for a managed living experience”.

Stay in the Heart of the City Service Accommodation

  • Service apartments are your solution when you need to or would like to stay in the heart of the city.
  • This is the best option for employers to get contractors and their own employees housed when they are sent out of town.
  • If there is a transient need to be at a more convenient location in the same city or another town.
  • If you want to stay close to your work-place.
  • If you desire to avoid traffic and foot it to the office in good humor with all your efforts at fit and finish still in place instead of arriving in a shabby mess after a long commute.

A key advantage is that conditions of stay are like a hotel. You check in and check out after settling your bill at the reception.

The fuss and paperwork are minimal and there are choices galore if you are price sensitive. Once you have identified a prospect all you need to do is to ship yourself to the new place.

Giving you alternatives to traditional modes of lodging are the things that service apartments do best. Once you get used to pruning your personal belongings, your stay will be relaxed and undemanding on your faculties.

Service apartments give you the feel and crisp interiors of a hotel, without the stifling cost of a hotel that meets the levels of everyday frills’ that are essential to make one consider a prolonged stay. This because even at the lower end of the range this is an expensive alternative.

Amenities at D' Habitat Serviced Apartments include:

  • 100% power backup
  • Non-smoking rooms available
  • Taxi service
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Hair dryer
  • Clock radio
  • Elegantly appointed rooms & suites with all amenities
  • WI FI connectivity for instant Internet access
  • Full service Kitchen
  • Cable TV equipped
  • Complimentary breakfast for all our guests
  • Housekeeping, Laundry & dry cleaning service
  • Car Hire
  • Chef service
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fax service
  • Safe deposit box
  • 24-hour generator backup
  • Complimentary newspaper service

Koramangala, Bangalore Has It All

Koramangala in Bangalore is the finest option for every dining & shopping requirement. It may be something that may have lately caught your fancy or is something not commonly available and is a cause of great distress to those fussy about having their amenities and indulgences close at hand.

It is a locality that gives persona to ‘quality of life’ and livability. It bears a notable attribute of conveying a feeling that it will remain a residential area that will continue to support and provide the means to exist comfortably and also profitably, if one is inclined towards business and enterprise. Though already crowded with eateries, it still affords the venturesome business headed person an opportunity to make good with the right combination of cuisines and service.

The Eating is Good in Koramangala

Food and drink are Koramangala’s specialty. You might say follow your nose, but that may lead you to a concrete mixer —given the amount of construction. A safer bet would be follow Siri’s advise or just let Google take you there.

Cafes abound, rooftops bristle with cook shops and chop shops to suit almost every fantasy and obscure taste. Google it and more likely than not you will find it. Restaurants are Koramangala’s chief claim to fame and they will not disappoint in either variety or quality of fare.

Some of Bangalore’s most noted attractions on the food scene are here. To name a few: Nasi and Mee, Biergarten, The Flying Trapeze, Gilly’s Restobar. All these places have a distinct flavor and ambience that few cities can rival.

Leisure is covered too in most of its aspects in Koramangala and its nearby localities. Fitness, a variety of physical activity and exotic martial arts are all to found tucked away in the numerous alleys and main lanes of this sprawling and exclusive residential locality.

Also, Koramangala in Bangalore is the central point to reach other bustling and fashionable places like Indiranagar and Brigade Road. If you’re here, you can find yourself at Indiranagar and Brigade Road’s many attractions within half an hour on a bad day.