Fully Furnished Service Apartments for Rent in Bangalore

D’ Habitat serviced apartments offers fully furnished service apartments for rent in Bangalore at any time of the year. Stylishly decorated living area, bedrooms with king sized beds and fully equipped kitchen are the standard.

The added bonus when you take up furnished service apartments for rent in Bangalore is the location. A prime, fashionable locality well known as Koramangala will be your place of stay when you take up fully furnished service apartments with us at D’ Habitat.

The advantages of taking up residence at D’ Habitat are many, to begin with, you get a full sized, fully furnished two bedroom apartment in a fabulous locality and in the heart of the city. The alternative is to take up a single room in a hotel for a similar price.

The concept of fully furnished rentals works very well here in Bengaluru. Furnished apartments rentals are extremely convenient for families and groups who might travel to Bangalore in a group for whatever reason. Families and groups visiting for sightseeing forms the major group and then there are family visits and business travellers.

Visitors from overseas demand fully furnished apartments for its convenience, all inclusive nature, luxury and generous space as compared to hotel accommodation, popular among overseas guests are our furnished short term rentals.

Visitors to our educational institutions in Bengaluru form a good number during admission season. There are those seeking admission in the many reputed schools here.

Then there are job hunters as Bengaluru offers the highest number of jobs in the country in the knowledge business as well as business activities that have sprung up to sustain the visitor and residents explosion in numbers.

Our city of Bengaluru is home to many reputed hospitals and patients from across the country travel here for treatment. There are a sizable overseas patients from neighbouring South Asia, The Middle East and Far East who travel here.

Demand for fully furnished serviced apartments continue to rise in tandem with Bangalore’s incredible growth and look us up when you are in the city next.