Book your very own home when in Bangalore next. Having your own home, with all the facilities of space & amenities in a central location in the best ease of living city in India can offer for a memorable stay.

Serviced apartments in Bangalore are a compelling alternative to hotels for both business and leisure travelers and has certainly contributed towards earning the reputation the most livable city in India.

Read on to learn how and where to live when on a trip to Bangalore - the most livable city in the country.


1. Spacious Apartments to Live Life in style  

2 BHK apartments, luxuriously furnished and with all amenities provides you the lifestyle you are accustomed to at home and more.

Serviced apartments offer a choice of one bedroom, two bedroom and even three-bedroom apartments with budget options of studio and economy accommodation.

Service apartments in Bangalore are designed to accommodate families, business travellers and group of friends comfortably, our two bedroom service apartments are perfect for a couple with kids and groups of 2, 3 and 4 or more. Executives also love the apartments to relax and work all by themselves with plenty of space.

All our Serviced Apartments come with the unique comforts of Home; The ambience of a corporate serviced apartment and exclusive facilities. Book serviced apartments in Bangalore for short-term stay, daily or monthly rentals. long term as well as short visits when you are in Bangalore.

Serviced apartments are a lot larger in terms of size as compared to hotel rooms. The size of the accommodation means a lot during longer stays of more than a couple of days. What’s more, informal meetings can be held in your apartment and friends could visit, compelling reasons for choosing to stay at a serviced apartment over a hotel.


2. Peaceful Environment

Moving into a new city is a daunting experience for most of us, but settling down in a secure, peaceful place with all facilities and friendly, unobtrusive service by professional’s eases one’s mind. At a minimum, serviced apartments offer round the clock security, personal service, help desk and more.

Serviced apartment accommodates every type of requirement: holiday with children, family trip with elderly parents or visiting friends in the city, it is possible to spend time all together or quietly retreat to your own room at the end of the day. You can relax with the knowledge that kids are safe and right there in the next room, elders and relatives are under the same roof. Entertain friends & family all you want with in the living area and you can even show off your culinary skills in the fully equipped kitchen every serviced apartment offers. Service apartments are better in Bangalore.


3. Serviced Apartments are Cost Effective

Longer stays works out significantly cheaper in serviced apartments as against occupying multiple rooms for a number of days in a hotel. Reports by The Apartment Service indicates serviced apartments work out cheaper by 15 – 30%.


4. Dine Healthy in your Own Kitchen

Serviced apartments come with kitchen facilities fully equipped to cook yourself. Prepare a multiple course dinner and entertain guests or whip up a healthy meal according to your mood. Service apartments provide everything from crockery, cutlery to dining area in the apartment. 


5. Luxuriously Furnished

Serviced apartments are well appointed and luxuriously furnished as good as homes and sometimes better. Good beds and mattresses are provided and living areas are furnished with good quality sofas and armchairs. You could customize it if you plan to stay longer than a couple of days. We have come to expect excellent amenities from our own experience of various serviced apartments.


6. Laundry – Do Your Own

Serviced Apartments provide washing machines to manage laundry on your own. They also provide laundry service at a cost. Laundry can pile up and add a significant cost when paid service is used. Having your own laundry facility also allows you to travel light with fewer clothes.


7. Central Location

Serviced apartments are invariably located in central locations with easy access to business districts, within easy distance from a choice of dining, shopping and entertainment areas. Serviced apartments are also located close to local transport network.


8. Enjoy Local Life

Explore the city like the locals, Friendly staff are always ready to recommend and assist you with local sights, provide useful information as to best time to visit and mode of transport.

Experienced staff will point you in the direction of popular restaurants, sought after sightseeing and more. Chat with the staff and learn more about local tours and various modes of transport the city offers. Get to know from our staff restaurants and eateries that are the hidden gems in the city. 


9. Personalized Service Centered Around You

Services in serviced apartments are guest centric. Everything and anything can be requested and trained staff will arrange to deliver. Complete guest satisfaction is the standard and nothing is too difficult to organize for our guests at any time of day.

We have learnt that individual preferences when met make a world of difference in the quality of the stay and we make every effort in understanding and going the extra mile in meeting individual preferences.