Why Service Apartments are Better in Bangalore

A business trip or one related to a professional engagement may be one that has an element of allure or glamour related to posh hotels but there is usually a flip side to the life that the road-warrior leads in his chosen hotels.

This kind of life has its downside and “too much of a good thing” does create the need for a touch of authenticity to go with the glitz of a hotel.

That’s where places like D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments make a strong case with luxury, economy and a touch of the homestead all rolled into the package.

Even a luxurious hotel room will feel over the top and make you feel out of place during a long stay. Serviced apartments allow you to stay connected and comfortable.

Plenty of Space to Play Around

A hotel room draws clutter and becomes annoyingly disorderly very quickly. Especially if you have been living there for a while. It is difficult to get work done in a hotel room once things become chaotic and you are rummaging through your stuff to find articles that you need.

Combining work and eating a meal on the dressers that pass for tables in hotel rooms is quite a feat. A serviced apartment gives you a fully equipped kitchen or a kitchenette that you can use to cook your meals, heat your take-away packs and brew some coffee.

On that score, D'Habitat Serviced Apartment does offer breakfast as part of the package and one meal is out of the way for as long as you stay.

The end result of eating a meal in a hotel room is that food and debris are scattered around your room somewhere between prime time and midnight when you are attempting to unwind and probably watch some TV or get some work done before you hit the bed.

This will be an extremely distressing situation that is easily remedied by the serviced apartment’s guarantee of a kitchen. The apartment has a dining area, kitchen, and bedroom making it possible to entertain friends, family, and associates, all while maintaining a semblance of order.

Serviced Apartments give you better mileage in Bangalore’s real estate clutter

Choosing a serviced apartment offer some definite advantages for business travelers. There are possibilities to customize the room to an extent to make working out of the apartment easier.

Since it is an apartment, management is always willing and happy to modify the room because unlike a hotel room it’s not built on a template and can be easily changed around by moving the furniture and plugging in a new device or moving it somewhere else.

By maneuvering things around its possible overtime to create a warmer more personal space that makes work and long stays snugger and more workable.

Room to meet, dine & relax

A serviced apartment room easily lends itself to being used as a meeting room with work colleagues. In an apartment, you have the luxury of a dining table or a separate living room set-up. In a bigger apartment all these can be easily repurposed for a meeting of business associates.

Also, your guests can easily crash in the apartment because there is plenty of room for an odd man who has to return to the suburbs. Meetings can be held until late into the evening and you can whip up your own food or get the apartment kitchen to get that done for you.

At D'Habitat the premium accommodation has enough room on the beautifully appointed balcony for a parley with partners to close a deal. Also, the living room is equally well furnished to facilitate work meetings.

Over long stays, formulaic and conventional hotel rooms will most likely repel you and get on your nerves as they remain difficult to customize.

Cost-effective & convenient

With hotels, the list of extras just keeps growing. Food is an imponderable and if it is not included you live a life on the edge always debating whether to go with a meal in the hotel or go and find one somewhere outside. All this is going to put you out and add to the bills.

At D'Habitat breakfast is accounted for and a time-saving, well-planned list of amenities will keep expenses to the minimum.

Also in its favor is its favorable and agreeable location that all go to making your stay practical and keeping the costs down as you get on with work.

A serviced apartment will always accommodate more people especially if you make the correct choice of apartment and plan the stay well. All in all, you get the advantages and comforts of a hotel and pay much less for it.

Perfect Suited for Extended stay

Serviced apartments are ideally suited to long stays either for work or leisure. They are immediately more accommodating when you want to share the apartment with friends or family. Both privacy and a family experience can be catered for.

Also with a family and young children, a hotel room will certainly go to pieces in short order. A serviced apartment that offers a kitchen, dining space and table, a separate living space - mirroring an apartment, will handle all these challenges far better.

Everyone will feel far more comfortable and literally “at-home" in a serviced apartment. If you have more than one child or older children, you will have to take separate rooms in a hotel and that is just a bridge too far.

Rounding off

Its quite noticeable that serviced apartments have come into their own and are now a class apart in the hospitality industry offering the customer flexibility, ease of booking and a choice of locations. The biggest advantage is that it gets you far more value for your money. Booking is easy, all the apps feature serviced apartments and you get better rates each time you look.

What has clicked with all customers is the space that serviced apartments offer. A family can be together whether one member is on a working mission or the whole unit is out to explore the town.