Perfect Getaway Inside Bangalore

Occasionally, everybody needs a break from the routine. A short break from time-to-time brings in excitement. When your own home may become slightly boring. You need to put some distance between yourself and the roost for a regular reboot.

An escape to a spot where staying put is an option. To getaway is to reconnect with the world, look back at your work and life afresh and give yourself some much needed time to reflect and recuperate.

Welcome to staycation central at D’Habitat serviced apartments and this place is “central to everything” that matters. An ideal location and the feel of a plush hotel but in the skin of an apartment with all the nuts and bolts that make it feel like a home away from home.

One foot firmly planted within reach of the city’s principal attractions and the confidence of being in an establishment that provides unmatched value. A few hours that break from the routine could be the light at the end of the tunnel, the inspiration that you desperately need after a long time marinating in the mundane.

Downtime is Good for Your Wellbeing

A short vacation or staycation places you closer to the spots that you tend to frequent and are central to your choices for entertainment. It also gives you the flexibility for some after-hours downtime very close to your crib. It won’t be unrealistic to stay out late and walk back to the serviced apartment and just chill as you prepare for the next day knowing that commuting is not going to be a hassle.

Being close to work. Not having to contemplate a daily hour-and-a-half drive or commute to the office is a restful thought indeed. That’s what D’ Habitat service apartments brings to you. You have more time for yourself. More time to sleep in and unwind just that little bit. More time to talk yourself into taking even a short walk before the breaking dawn and see the things that happen before the city wakes up and does its thing.

A vacation that takes you away from your home station, your workstation, from the watchtower of your urban life is not possible most of the time. Balancing work, life, family is almost impossible to achieve when you add the urban complexities involved.

A short getaway in the same city is just one way to get away from the ‘9 to 5’ and see what you have been missing during the daily grind. The grind is called that for good reason, it grinds away at your personality. Slowly but surely, you are whittled away.

A little distance from the physical aspects of your daily may allow you the perspective to return much restored and ready to piece the puzzle.

Space for Reunion

D’ Habitat is a perfect way to meet a college or school friend for a much-needed reunion that could revive memories and also your work and life prospects. This is a tailormade space to meet a group friends and hold work meetings with colleagues.

Holding a business huddle in an informal space is one way to get stressed colleagues to decompress and express themselves. Again, you reduce the hassle of commuting for all parties involved and can discuss issues threadbare well into the night without putting yourself in the way, which will always happen at home as the family winds down.

The best thing about holding meetings here is easy access to nightlife. You can reconnect with friends and colleagues. Afterwards there is always room to sleep it off inside even the smallest serviced apartment.

There are a number of ways to leverage the advantages that the D’Habitat service apartments gives you. Contact the management directly and you will benefit from their service excellence and direct booking generosity.

All roads lead to your apartment as long as you can find ideas to make the whole thing worthwhile. Some meetings need to be conducted away from the home and workspace. It may be a new beginning and keeping things tight and confidential is key.

An atmosphere that is cheerful, restful and with the right frills will promote a brainstorming engagement that produces a payoff difficult to pull off in a formal setting.

A staycation extends to the family as well. Everyone can squeeze into the well-appointed rooms and forget about chores and get away from the whole routine. This gets you out of the neighborhood which does at times weigh you down. It gives everyone some time and space to bond as a family again.

Short Weekend Getaways around Bangalore City

The city of Bangalore has in store a number of exciting short and easy to reach getaways for weekends as well as every day of the week. Easily extend your break to a short trip to any one the following places. Reservation managers at D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments will be delighted to assist you to arrange a trip.

Bheemeshwari - 95 km

Picnic spot, adventure camps and fishing site on the bank of Kaveri river.

Lepakshi (120 km Away) Connect with Mythology here: Legend says Ravana killed Jatayu here in this sleepy town who was then granted moksha after Rama uttered the words “Le Pakshi” (‘Rise Bird’ in Telugu). And so, the town got its name.

Shivanasamudra Falls - 140 km

Perfect for a one day trip from Bangalore city. Surrounded by forested hills and verdant valleys, Shivanasamudra lies on the banks of river Kaveri. After cutting through the rocks and ravines of Deccan Plateau, the river drops downstream to form the key attraction of the island- the breath-taking Shivanasamudra Falls.

Devanahalli Fort - 37 km

A historical mud fort initially built by Malla Byre Gowda of Avathi in 1501. And later re-constructed by Hyder Ali in the late 18th-century. This grand fort is set in 20 acres of land, with a number of historic temples and principal residences of both Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

Ramanagaram - 48 km

The cult Hindi film Sholay is this dusty town’s claim to fame. Ramadevarabetta is a popular hillock and an endangered bird species – Long Billed Vultures can be spotted in this area.

Makalidurga - 58 km

Makalidurga is a tiny village, well known to for the fort built by Vijayanagara Kings. Remnants of this fort can be seen perched atop a hill. Rappelling, night trekking, and rock climbing are some of the adventure activities here.

Nandi Hills - 62 km

Located at an altitude of 4,700 feet above sea level, Nandi Hills is a sought-after destination for its mesmerizing views of the sunrise.

Also known as Nandidurg, this continues to be a popular weekend getaway. Spectacular natural landscapes with notable historical monuments and shrines, popular activities here are cycling, paragliding, and nature walks.

Kanakapura - 64 km

Sorrounded by beautiful mountains and the serene Hosadoddi Lake, the quaint Kanakapura offers rich landscapes perfect for adventurous experiences. A variety of blooming flowers and lush green trees abound amidst wil animals like wild boars, wild dogs, and spotted deer.Trekking, picnics, and safaris are some things to do in this beautiful place.

Savandurga Hills – 49

Also known as ‘Arizona of India’, for the magnificent hidden canyon, bearing a stark resemblance to the Grand Canyon. Set in the graceful banks of the Penna River. Another attraction is the majestic Gandikota Fort that sits atop a beautiful gorge, offering the place a mystical charm.