D'Habitat Service Apartments in Bangalore

Experience Bangalore the Best Way

Staying comfortably in Bangalore while you visit places that make it a legend among Indian cities has become possible at acceptable rates even as inflation is running rogue on a wild and stormy sea of urban chaos and development.

Serviced apartments are the main contributor to this change in the hospitality landscape by offering “more for less”. They make possible longer, extremely agreeable sojourns at very workable prices.

More people are travelling for leisure to well-known urban destinations to satisfy their curiosity about a place. The main obstacle to all these adventures is the cost of hotel rooms.

There are really low-priced options — but they suffer the disadvantages of low budget hotels. These are not locations that will endear themselves to you.

Also, amenities, housekeeping, and maintenance will be a burden for even a stay beyond a few days. Roughing it out in one of these establishments in a group or even as a small family will be a trying experience.

Basket of goodies at D’ Habitat Serviced Apartments Koramangala, Bangalore

The current way of getting yourself a deal that suits the occasion and the pocket is an online exercise in surfing through the same options. But adding service apartments to your search will open the door to a “whole new world”.

Serviced apartments provide an amazing number of fringe benefits — that most customers are not aware of and all for competitive rates.

D' Habitat is the perfect example of a service apartment to base yourself in for a holiday in Bangalore. Located very ideally in Koramangala. Perfect location and all the conveniences of home without the trouble of actually cleaning up after yourself. But you can cook your own food. Don’t bother about breakfast though, that’s on the house.

D'Habitat scores a home run quite literally with its location. It feels like home in the most desired home location in Bangalore. Built into an immensely desirable nook in the up-scale Koramangala neighborhood it is the jewel in a burgeoning service apartment sector that is creating a new niche in the hospitality industry.

Koramangala has its own “mini-ecosystem” of life within Bangalore. It is the most desired location for independent homes in Bangalore and provides easy access to every need and all the other localities that matter.

It has whatever the itinerant or impulsive traveler may want. The diversity of attractions is mind-boggling and a look at the food-rating apps and entertainment websites will give you a clear picture of the wonderland of options that exist here.

Top restaurants in Koramangala

Here is a small sample list of wonderful restaurants, pubs and bars within a stroll from D’ Habitat

  • Biergarten
  • The Terrace at Gilly's Redefined
  • The Black Pearl
  • House of Commons
  • Asia Kitchen by Mainland China
  • The Flying Trapeze
  • Pasta Street
  • Tipsy Bull- The Bar Exchange
  • Corner House Ice Cream
  • Truffles
  • The Bier Library
  • 99 Variety Dosa & Pav Bhaji
  • Kappa Chakka Kandhari
  • Loft
  • China Pearl
  • Glen’s Bakehouse
  • Gorilla Barfare
  • Chianti
  • Tim Thai
  • Xoox Brewmill
  • Gilly’s Restobar
  • The Reservoire
  • The Hole in the Wall Café
  • The Boozy Griffin
  • Simon Saya Brew Works
  • Nasi and Mee
  • Toscano
  • Sultans of Spice
  • Ministry of Barbeque

Choices, choices

The choice of restaurants is the most impressive. Every well-known brand is well represented here and is within walking distance for the most part from D' Habitat serviced apartments.

But the selection of homegrown brands that surpass your every expectation with the quality and variety of fare is going to be the greatest discovery for a tourist. There will always be more to find and taste because new joints are always opening with new themes on interiors and perfectly amazing takes on the food and cuisine.

D' Habitat's location also places it close to the equally marvelous choice of restaurants and entertainment that is available in Indiranagar. The well-known attractions of M G Road and its surroundings can also be accessed. A cab will take you back and forth in no time.

All the prominent names in garment retail are represented across Koramangala and plenty more besides. The biggest stores are no more than a stroll from the apartments.

Shopping options in and around Koramangala

  • Lifestyle Mall
  • Forum Mall
  • Garuda Mall - McGrath Road
  • UB City Mall - Vittal Mallya Road
  • Marks and Spencer’s
  • Shoppers Stop

D'Habitat throws in a huge basket of complimentary add-ons in the form of services and other little gems that have been thought out very well and just add value to the whole deal and make your stay comfortable. What this basket does is to provide an atmosphere of seamless comfort and orderliness to the whole experience.

What will certainly put you in the mood is the included breakfast. A proper meal will put everyone in the right frame of mind for an afternoon of exploring and shopping.

This attention to nitty-gritty at D' Habitat service apartments ensures a snug facility that remains inviting throughout the day. The upkeep of rooms and amenities is round the clock and it shows.

Guests are always happy to return as soon as possible and spend any time they have to spare within the apartment instead of wearing down the tiles at a mall after all the shopping and entertainment attractions have been exploited to their limits. All your digital accessories will plugin without a hitch and whether you are working or streaming shows or movies everything is certain to work.

Amenities at D'Habitat Serviced Apartments:

  • 100% power backup
  • Non-smoking rooms available
  • Taxi service
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Hairdryer
  • Clock radio
  • Elegantly appointed rooms & suites with all amenities
  • WI-FI connectivity for instant Internet access
  • Full-service Kitchen
  • Cable TV equipped
  • Complimentary breakfast for all our guests
  • Housekeeping, Laundry & dry-cleaning service
  • Car Hire
  • Chef service
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fax service
  • Safe-deposit box
  • 24-hour generator backup
  • Complimentary newspaper service

The Flexibility of Home While you are in Bangalore

D’ Habitat service apartments gives you the flexibility that a home offers you. The principal one is that a small group can use a one-bedroom serviced apartment where you can make use of the trappings of a regular apartment to accommodate even an odd number of people and manage the holiday inside your budget.

The service apartment kitchenette allows you to deal with your mealtimes like you would at home. Store the supplies in the fridge and snack or cook a whole meal whenever you feel like it. There is, in any case, a “full-service kitchen” available to provide room-service, to fall back on.

The feel of these apartments is very familiar, you can have your family around, while you watch the TV and the furniture and amenities are disposed in a way that will remind you of home.

Regular hotel room’s problem in comparison is in combining the living space and sleeping area. This will not be an issue in a service apartment. The two are separate. There is a distinct living area that is detached from the bedroom.

The standard one-room service apartment is many times bigger than the equivalent hotel room and that space translates to flexibility and ease of stay in managing your group.

Housekeeping standards are the same as the best of hotels and you never need to clean up after yourself.

You step out for your daily traipse and return to crisp linen and gleaming floors. It’s time to rest and rejuvenate for the next day.